What Is A Brand?

  • The visual representation of your business.
  • What people think of or visualize when they hear your business name.
  • The expression of the unique characteristics which represent your business.

    Why Your Brand Is So Important

logos_1AIt sets the stage for everything you produce — visually and otherwise.

It sets you apart from other businesses.

It is authentic, a manifestation of the cultural values of what is being represented.



Building A Website

One of the first steps in the web design process is to decide on a visual look and feel. Without at least minimal branding, your designer is starting completely from scratch, and essentially has to create a brand identity for your business on the fly. This may or may not be consistent with the image you want to project. Development of your brand needs to come before a website, because the site is an extension of the brand and not the other way around — don’t put the cart before the horse.



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